coming together !

Specialized S-Works MTB

Specialized S-Works MTB

With just two weeks remaining before I leave for Quito, I feel strong on the bike and my daily preparation lists have not only gotten smaller but the items on the lists are more manageable. Feeling ready. However, today one of my long time employees opted to accept another job and is leaving the first week of August. He’s a great guy and we will miss him at the store. So…. now I must find someone else to hire before I leave. Seems like a bit of a problem to find someone this time of year as there is so much work available. A bit of a scramble and I also feel more than a little guilty abandoning the rest of the folks at the store and leaving them with less than a full crew. Kind of late in the game to cancel my trip. I have a lot invested. Hoping that it works out

My bike goes into the shop this week- everything that shows any real wear will be replaced. Then the bike goes into a cardboard airline container for the trip to Quito. I’ll use my cycle cross bike for training for the remainder of my time here.

My wonderful friends, the Woods, gave me some parting gifts last weekend. One of them was a book entitled “Down the Road in South America.” It was written by a couple, Tim and Cindie Travis, who biked from Quito to Bariloche in 2003. It’s been a great resource for my trip and a fun read. Thank you so very much, John and Kim.

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  1. Buck, my son, Max, loves to bike and will be following your adventures! BTW…he says you have a great bike!

  2. Buck; We have enjoyed each update and admire your drive/commitment to this riding experience. Congratulations on completion!! Erik and Kathy Skon

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