A Big Climbing Day


Our trip organizer was the first to get a flat tire – 7 miles into the trip!


Today was our first day of big climbs – about 4300 feet of total elevation gain in two big climbs, We biked 62 miles with the last 24 being almost all downhill. But those climbs in the first part were tough, We also had a stiff headwind that almost blew me off the bike on a curve going down a big downhill, To add to that yours truly biked right past the lunch stop where I also could have gotten more water. Just tunnel vision I guess. When the 5 or 6 leaders who were in lunch caught up to me I got a couple of small bananas from them. About 26 miles to go at that point and I was hungry!
That brings up another thing – apparently the Dutch don’t believe in brekkie – yesterday we got fruit and bread, today we had two boiled eggs and bread. I need a big brekkie for these full days. Tomorrow we climb 5700 ft in about the same distance. Sleep for me tonight!

My roomie, James from Virginia, had some more bad luck last night. You may recall he had trouble with Delta about his bags (see previous post). We were coming home from dinner in Quito when a young man jumped in front of James begging in Spanish, He had a couple of posters about a music show in his hands. Our reply was “No, gracious señor. He was persistent, first jumping in from and then behind him, as a pretty calm James started to get annoyed, the young man bumped into him and then left. Sure enough, when we got home James discovered the Android phone missing from his jeans pocket, It’s his phone, his computer, and his tool for updating his blog all rolled into one, Lesson learned. I ‘m letting him use my computer to do his blog and also to deal with the phone aftermath and his missing bag business. He may see that bag when we get to Cuenca.

Tired and dinner awaits.

16 thoughts on “A Big Climbing Day

  1. James has had some bad luck to be sure! One piece of good luck, though, he has Buck from Minnesota for a roomie! Stay safe and try not to blow past the lunch stop tomorrow!

  2. Buck, catching up on your blogs, when we first heard of the adventure. I thought is he doing this by himself, is he nuts? We will be reading about him in the paper captured by some cartel. Now we know you are with a group. We are relieved and excited. Godspeed and enjoy the adventure, good friend and may the wind, always be at your back, especially on those long climbs. Look forward to your updates.

  3. Second that Robin! You have 6,000 miles Buck to help the Dutch see the beauty of a filling breakfast. Eat early and often!

  4. Enjoying your blog Buck. I looked for you at the Dragon Boat races to wish you good luck, but I must have missed you. Stay safe and have a good time.

  5. You will have to stock up on some lizard jerky ,if those Dutch Boys don’t like big Breakfastw

  6. Hey Buck… Quite the adventure so far. Love the blog. Great posts. Stay strong my friend…the best is yet to come. Thinking of you as we are in Colvill for a few days.

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