Beautiful Riobamba Park

IMG_0939Today I arrived in Riobamba, Ecuador (yesterday now) after a big climbing day of 5700 ft in 97 K’s distance. We are on a busy highway for the first part of the trip – I can’t wait to get on smaller roads with small villages. I’m very impressed with Ecuador. After I got to the hotel which is located in the center of town, I took a walk and discovered the Central Park in the main square. It is truly a fabulous park and because it was Sunday, was absolutely full of families. Really oriented for children, there was so much for them to do and they were taking full advantage of it. I’m trying to include photos but there may not be enough broadband to do so. The Latin culture is all about families – very refreshing and reassuring. Village squares keep the communities tied together and gives the kids an opportunity to just play. That’s really important for all children – get outside and play. The park also had a small lake with different watercraft for kids including these large tubular plastic cylinders that they can get right into and roll around, several kids in one. Great fun. Riobamba is a beautiful city with wide palm tree laden avenues and extremely clean.
We had a birthday party for one of our riders, Julie, with a couple of nice cakes. A big hip hip hooray filled the room afterwards and good conversation – commiserating about the climbs today. Some riders didn’t ride today after yesterday’s climb band a bunker opted to catch a ride in the truck after lunch. Yours truly biked right past the lunch truck again. The first 10 days are maybe the toughest stretch of climbing in the trip. There are three Norwegian riders with us – two sisters and the boyfriend of one. The Norwegian contingent. They are quite nice and love to stop for coffees along the way. No worries about when they get done. Very refreshing.
My roommate James must have walked under several ladders and kicked a black cat before the trip. Tonight he locked our key in the room. A little stressed after all that has gone wrong for him so far.
Time to sleep. Another big day tomorrow.
Sorry I’m not able to respond to much as very limited access time.

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  1. Hey, Buck: No need to respond, just a note to say that both Jetty and I look forward each evening to your latest epistle from the road. They are terrific.


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  2. Great stuff Buck but what is with missing the lunch wagon??? I thought I taught you better than that!!

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