A Sea of Change

IMG_1195IMG_1191After two days of desolate scenery through litter strewn desert where not even sagebrush could survive, we sensed the sea air. What a change in attitude this nice little seaside Peruvian village brought to us as we rolled into Pacasmayo. Our hotel is right on the ocean – the moist air filled us with new optimism and life. With high spirits we settled on the verandas of each floor and enjoyed a few cervesas and also the Pesco sours the hotel management surprised us with. Strolls along the beach and hikes through the village filled the rest of the afternoon – then as we gathered to take in the ocean sunset a band
filled the air with Latino rhythms. We flocked the half block to the square and danced and cheered like teen-agers. The band really got into this crazy bunch of gringos – we had a great time. Our bike mechanic, Luchow, is well known throughout South America as a Peruvian bicycle champion with a cyclist oriented guest house in Trujilla. He loves to dance and does so with pure joy. the sunset was dramatic- I’ll try to include a photo. Again, the motorcycle taxis are ubiquitous here but a step up in style from what we have seen in our early days in Peru. If I ever get strong enough internet to post more photos I will include these taxis. It’s low season here right now – the beach is not busy. We feel very fortunate to be here. There are only two hotels of consequence on the beach – we are in one of them. They are both refreshingly modest and quaint yet very functional, friendly and comfortable. I went with a small group into town for pizza. We were looking for fish but as it was Sunday not every place was open. Those that ate at our hotel had very good meals.
Tomorrow we will bike to Huanchaco where we have two days rest. It will be a good time to catch up on clothes washing, exchanging more dollars for soles, and getting to know more about our surroundings.
Here is our typical schedule when cycling. Arise at 6, dress for cycling after shaving etc. Breakfast is at 7 and can be hit or miss depending on the hotel or hostel. When our crew makes breakfast it’s always filling and nutritious. Then we get our maps and profiles for the day’s ride. The truck and crew of Ellen our cook, Elena our doctor, and Robert and Walter our drivers, meet us about half-way with a great little lunch. We refill our water bottles and are off again. Most days we find ourselves at our new location by 3 or so, then usually find our bags, take a shower when available, and have soup, fruit salad, etc. before taking it easy for awhile. I like to hike through the town, find the square and watch my new surroundings. Then dinner and bed. Of course we squeeze in a lot of visiting amongst ourselves in all our activities. I’m lucky to find myself with such an interesting group.
Time for bed.


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  1. Great journal Buck! What an experience. Sounds like you are traveling with a fun group. Best, Lonnie

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