My Luck Ran Out

Through our biking adventures in Ecuador and now most of Peru I have remained relatively healthy.  I had biked every K of the trip,  Last night my luck ran out.  I found myself running a fever, a hacking cough and a bad case of diarrhea .  The weird dreams that come with a fever had me feeling strange.  I had to tell our group that I couldn’t bike today and probably not tomorrow either.  I slept from 830 this am until 6pm this evening when the hotel staff knocked on my door and expressed their concern.  They brought in an English speaking friend who went through my symptoms.  Pretty soon I had chicken soup, tea, and electrolytes from the farmacia.  I will spend the day here tomorrow then hope to take a bus to catch up with Bike Dreams on Thursday.

19 thoughts on “My Luck Ran Out

  1. Aww friend, I’m so sorry you’re sick. I hope you’re back on your feet…er, bike…soon. So admire your tenacity on this big big adventure…you are amazing! 🙂 Ann

  2. Sorry to hear of this development. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a return to the road. I’ve really been enjoying your chronicles…well, up to this one! 🙂 Best, Jim

  3. Thanks for the good wishes on getting well. It will lead to a new experience tomorrow as I take a Peruvian bus to Andahuaylas to catch up with the rest of the troupe.

  4. It can hit you real hard. One day in 1964 I went up the mountain sitting on my horse like a conquistador. I awoke with “your” symptoms the next day and I came down from the Quebrada Honda draped over him on my belly. Try to keep hydrated, avoid antibiotics unless the fever is more than 102 f. , and good luck finding a fahrenheit thermometer in Ayacucho. You will feel like a new man in a couple of days. The Crud didn’t kill Pizarro, and it won’t kill a Benson! Tom

  5. Hey Buck,
    I hope you are feeling better and will take whatever time you need to get well. I know about your determination but please listed to the old bod’ Good luck!!

  6. Feel better, your bus ride should be an adventure, I believe my Dad took a bus from Cajarmaca to Lima, took around 16 hrs. and said what an experience that was! Be safe Buck…

  7. So sorry for this turn of events, Buck. Give yourself some TLC in addition to the chicken soup. It sounds like you have good caring people around you, so let them pamper you a bit!

  8. Oh Buck, Hang in there! I wish I was there to hang out with you. Your luck is still with you. Get better! Mom is improving. Hard to break anything, let alone at 93. Love John

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