Off to Cusco

All the lady cyclists plus Annelot, leaving Andahuaylas Peru

All the lady cyclists plus Annelot, leaving Andahuaylas Peru

I’m sending along a photo of our lady cyclists along with Annelot, our doctor, which I took this am before all cyclists left for a big day in the mountains.  Ellen, our cook, had already left for the market to do her shopping for tonight’s bush camp at around 4000 meters.  On the advice of Annelot, I am not part of the group today or the next two but have opted to try another bus ride instead.  While I have recovered my appetite  for the most part, things I eat are still not getting properly processed.  She saw no point in going to 4000 meters as I would not tend to heal at that altitude – wants me to give it another day or so before consuming any antibiotics.

Enough of those details.  I leave at 8pm on the bus to Cusco. They say 8-9 hours.  Knute, a fun loving Norwegian, is coming along too.  He has cycled every K as I had before this ailment.  Knute is not sick but is getting tired of biking up and down the mountains and would rather spend extra time in Cusco relaxing and enjoying the city.  We are on a vacation after all.  The bus leaves at 4am and again at 8pm.  The original idea was to leave early and have the daylight to enjoy the sights along the way.  Knute walked down to the terminal with me this am to show me which bus line he had booked on.  There we discovered that since tomorrow am is Sunday, there will be no 4 am departure.  Sometimes, things just work  out in life.  Had Knute not  accompanied me he would not have discovered  this small, but important change of events.  Pretty lonely sitting at the terminal at 33am waiting for a non-existing bus departure.  I would have purchased the 8pm ticket thinking the 4 was full.  As it is we are both leaving tonight.

There has been an all night alarm that rings outside our hotel each night beginning around 2 or so.  I’ve been asking all of our cyclists to eat more chicken but there it was again last night.  Roosters.  Crowing.  Way Too Dsmn Early.  And of course the constant sound of dogs that come with the territory.   And I think that somebody down here must have bought my nephews motorcycle and reinstalled its original muffler system before the cops said anything.  They, too, must get up early.

Well, so do I then.  At least I lay there wondering if I shouldn’t just join in with a few sounds of my own.

You know,, I just heard that damn rooster again.  It’s just a little past noon.  I’m going to ask Knute if he wants to go out for pollo for lunch.

I know that Cusco will be a great place to relax and heal up.  Lucho has told me several times  how beautiful the city is and also described how the older building are constructed with a particular type of stone foundation  that words off earthquakes when  newer buildings succumb.  I will be staying with long-time friend JR, who is joining the group at Cusco for the remainder of the trip.  He arrived there early with his wife so he could get acclimated to the elevation.  She has now returned to Anchorage.  The hostel we are staying in is right next to the Plaza de Armas (the main square) so that will be beneficial too.

Perhaps I’ll get busy enough so you won’t have to see my name in your inbox everyday.

9 thoughts on “Off to Cusco

  1. I’m glad you are following Annelot’s advice. Enjoy the bus ride and avoid antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. I’m not an MD, but Iived through it with my little kids and many field school students. You will love Cusco and the food will be excellent there.

  2. Travel teaches us how to adapt to whatever we have to and enjoy unpredictability. I suppose that Pisco Sours are not recommended right now so you’ll need to eat guinea pig instead.

  3. I love seeing your name in our inbox every day! Wish I could say the same for seeing our daughter’s posts :). I’m a little surprised at your internet availability, Liv’s will now be spotty at best. Sounds like your spirits are good despite your illness….not surprised! You never cease to amaze us! Take good care Buck and eat up that pollo!

    1. Hey Marnie, have pretty good internet lately – we have one of our fellow bikers voluntarily work on each hotel’s wi-fi systems after we check in and he gets things pretty usable. Once we get into Argentina we’ll have a lot more camping so it may get quieter. Liv is probably totally engrossed in her new environment but what an adventure for her.And you once she is able to get stuff to you more regularly.

  4. It’s always great to see Buck in my inbox!!
    Hang in there my friend.
    We are leaving from the UK tomorrow. Cheers

    1. Hey Tony! Good to hear from you! Give a hug to Julia for me. Have a great time in beautiful downtown England. I’m now safely in Cusco after what turned out to be a 10 hour bus ride. Hoping to get the exit plumbing repaired so I can dare to have a lot more input. Sorry to miss you two most all summer.

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