30 thoughts on “Nepal

  1. Hi Buck, It worked! I will call tonight to say Bon voyage or whatever they say in Nepal. John

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  2. So interested to hear how you find it since the earthquake. such amazing memories for me…I’ll have to send some names of places and such to see if they’re still around. Gotta go get my journal!

  3. I envy your adventures. Glad you have the good health to do this at your age. You really appreciate it’s value.

  4. Be 94 my next birthday and am proud of your brave desire to experience unusual activities in far away places. At your age you are getting up there where time remaining for such things is getting precious and doing those things is more difficult.. My spirit is with you. From what I see you give it all you got and share it thoroughly and with great detail for the rest of us. Thank You.

    Uncle Orval

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