It’s like traveling in bright fluorescent hallways that have no ends. Whites and grays. Surrounded by voices that you are never asked to answer. They echo and disappear. People constantly shuffling about. Airports somehow suck all the energy from me. Lonnie and I are in Toronto for eight hours. We’ll be seeing a lot more of these sterile, foreign environs. My itinerary says that we will be traveling for 20 hours 36 minutes and sitting in airports for 22 hours

8 minutes before we disembark in Kathmandu. Next time I think I’ll book the Kon-Tiki.

Here we are with computers plugged in – Lonnie doing updates and re-charging his battery. Me done with people watching and now just vegging. In about an hour the Chinese Eastern check-in will open and we can get ticketed for this flight and hopefully solve our ticket problems for our return flights.

I’m hoping we can get this done here in Toronto with fewer language difficulties than in Shanghai or Kathmandu.

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