Finally a Little Internet

I have been out of internet service for some time. Just got back to Namche Bazaar this afternoon after a long hike through sleet, rain, snow and finally some welcome sunshine. I came down from Gokyo (16,600 ft. approx.) since my cold wasn’t improving in altitude – nor was I getting much sleep. That’s one of the most common problems in staying in high places. I’m including a couple of photos from the top of Gokyo Ri (17, 684ft) showing the glacier flow and the small village of Gokyo from part of the way up Gokyo Ri as well as the four of us on top. That’s Lonnie, me, Pascale and her Sherpa guide named Dendi. In the next few days I hope to catch up with my posts. One very big bummer is that the sensor on my Canon G11 went out leaving me with just my iPhone to try to capture this beautiful countryside. I didn’t notice it until I looked at them in the computer and saw all the distorted pixels in some really precious photos I had taken. Again, a real bummer for me.IMG_2522IMG_2515

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  1. Sounds like you will need to become an iphone photographer. It could be worse. I have experienced altitude issues but only at 12000ft but not with a cold. Hope the cold goes away. Looks like beautiful country.

    1. Hi Lou. Back down a few thousand feet now. I’m bummed about all the photos I took that can’t be duplicated. You’re right, I better improve with the iPhone. Good to hear from you.

  2. Hey Buck,
    Good to have you back on line. Was wondering how you were doing with that cold. The camera situation is really a bummer.
    Hope you feel better real soon now that you have a reprieve for a bit.
    Off to my adventure next week. Happy Trails Ron

  3. Buck, what a incredible trip !!! Hope to talk to you about it at the next Benson reunion. I`ll try to make that one…I`ve missed a few. Hope you all keep safe up there…Have you seen Big Foot yet ?

    Denny…( Beth`s husband ) The last time I saw you is when we stayed up at the Nanabuju (sp?) Lodge. Don`t know if you remember me, we were a lot younger back then…

    1. Hi Beth and Dennis, great to hear from you both! Of course I remember you, Dennis. Haven’t seen Big Foot himself but there have been several Yak and Yeti Tea Houses. This is a beautiful place.

  4. cold, windy and flurries last night in GM. Take care with your cold and sorroche before going up again. That phone picture was pretty good, with the nice lateral moraine behind the village and kettle lakes forming in the ground moraine

    1. Thanks Tom. There is a great view of Everest, Lkotse, etc from the top of Gokyo Ri. Unfortunatelty the clouds enveloped most of it and all of Everest.

  5. the cold is a bummer… The scenery is incredible. thank goodness for your iPhone. take good care of yourself… Hi to Lonnie.

  6. Buck take care of your health! Obviously I feel terrible about the camera situation, I remember you asking me about replacing it before the trip.

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