Hobart Again and Farewell to Barry


imageFeb 3 and 4

We woke up the sound of rain on the roof on White Beach knowing we had a long day ahead of us. Pam had offered to give us a ride to Hobart but Barry and I wanted to finish up the way we started – on our bikes. So we said our goodbyes to Pam and Rod and took off in a steady drizzle. About 5k up the road it started to really pour – since it was warm enough, I didn’t really care knowing it wouldn’t last. Looking back at one point, I saw that Barry wasn’t behind me so I pulled under a big tree to wait. It turned out that Barry pulled over at the little country store to say a quick goodbye. Before he got out of there here came Rod pulling up in his car. Pam and Rod were concerned about the big rain. They were so thoughtful and accommodating the whole visit – this was just one more example. Barry again said his goodbyes and soon was riding up to me. Half-way through our 105k trip the sun came out and Barry was happy again.

We biked up Elizabeth Street upon our arrival in Hobart, to the Lodge at Elizabeth. The owner, Jeff, has been great to us, letting us keep our bike boxes and my duffle in his garage as well as locking my laptop with passport and money in his safe the whole time we’ve been biking round Tassie. The Lodge was a private home when it was built in 1829. Since Hobart was first established in 1804 this has to be one of the oldest homes still around. It is lavish and beautiful still. There remains an original couch from the year the house was built. All of the furniture was from the same period. The Premier once lived here and now Jeff has 14 rooms that he rents out as his B&B. We loved our time here.

Barry and I got all of our various chores done the next day, then had a celebrating dinner for our successful trip that night. We chose an attractive Mexican place just up the street and while the food was very good, I paid for it most of the night. Not much sleep for this boy.

Barry and I said our goodbyes at the bus stop as we loaded his bike in the underbelly and he was off to the airport, on to Sydney, and then home to his wife Trish. We had a great time here – it seemed to end too soon like most adventures. I’m sure he will wake tomorrow expecting to be on his bike, then realize he was back home.

I set off back up the west side of Tassie but this time turned off towards the last little village on the way to the Gordon Lake Dam and some real wilderness. Maydena.

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  1. So now you’re on your own!? It’s all sounded fabulous so far; I imagine this portion of the trip will be great as well. Keep the diary coming…hoping for fair weather for you on this leg.

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