It was going to happen sometime. The only surprise is that it took so long.

During today’s ride, Brian and I saw a bear. Actually three of them – a sow and her two cubs flew off the gravel road in front of us and quickly disappeared into the pines. Black bear. Still no grizzlies and we’re not sorry about that.

We have met many cyclists on this route and most of them have grizzly stories. Michelle, from California, started in Banff and not that far into her ride, ran into a sow and two cubs who spent some time running just ahead of her. When they finally melted into the forest, another grizz started following her. This is on single track and old tote roads. It’s close enough to be personal there. This fourth bear was suddenly just not there. She wasn’t sure that it might just reappear behind her or maybe show up in front. It never did either. Michelle almost quit her ride right there.

We met other riders who were part of a group of 14 cyclists led by Adventure Cycling from Missoula. Each of them had had some type of encounter with grizzlies. Two of them found themselves being followed by a mountain lion. Most of the riders we do meet are internationals. A Danish couple. A couple pulling their three year old in a Tulle trailer. He is French and she is Japanese. A German solo rider who camped near us. A Dutch couple. The list goes on.

We have had a couple of long days with high mileage and lots of climbing. We need at least a half day to rest and DO LAUNDRY. Not sure how people put up with us. Last night camped at Holland Lake. Not sure about tonight. Sent from my iPhone

8 thoughts on “Bears

  1. Hey Buck, I wondered if/when Mr. Griz would be in your stories. They certainly get your attention, yes?? I just paddled past your island this past week. Six of us kayaked Little Trout Bay to Pie Island and return. Perfect weather, lots of easy paddling, and I love the magic of those islands. We did a group wave to Mink Is as we paddled and thought of you on your latest adventure. Good Luck!

  2. Wow! I just shared this link w my husband who is also a cyclist.

    And thank you for the great dinner at your home. I’m glad Belinda bid on the evening and I was her guest! BTW, I’ve made the Venezuelan Carrot Soufflé twice!

  3. Be careful Buck!! And how wonderful to meet all of these international fellow cyclists😊👍

  4. great to hear your tales. of what I consider the premier bike trip. Enjoy reading your adventures and campsites, comparing to my trips down the divide.

    1. Thanks JR. You’ve been awfully busy with adventures yourselves. Routes a little different now with more single track etc but still a challenge. Hope to see you sometime on another mutual effort!

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