16 thoughts on “Bariloche Heading South

  1. Heard about the delay of your trip, so I am so happy to know you hit the road today! Many thanks for keeping my on your travel list! Happy pedaling and Hi to everyone!

  2. Buck,
    I’m mapping your trip so please post your route choices and where you stay each night so I can add it to the map. When you can, of course.
    Safe pedaling!

    1. We are following the route on Bicycle Patagonia with just one exception where we skip going to Puerto Aisen and take the alternate gravel road thru Ortega. We have downloaded the GPS tracks from BP.

  3. Hola Buck,
    You all are missing some great snow today. Glad you are finally on the road! Say hi to Lucas!
    Juan Wood

    1. Hola Juan. Missed Luca in El Bolson. It’s his hometown and he had his two kids down here vacationing but had to return to Mendoza . He has a B&B there, a climbing school and also still guides on Aconcagua. Today we head for Cholila.

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