Torres del Paine

We’ve been incredibly lucky with weather on this trip in an area of the world which is notorious for foul weather. Rain, high winds, low lying cloud cover, and cold mists are the norm. A climate made for sweaters and rain gear. Warm socks and mittens.

When we biked in to Torres del Paine we were greeted by sunshine and just a whisper of a breeze. Not a cloud resting on the mountains. The iconic rock towers were visible from all aspects. I mentioned to Scott and Lee that you could spend a week here and never get views like this. Better take photos. It could change on a dime. Breath-taking scenery.

I should mention that Scott, Lee and I ride together each day. The tandem that Chris and Jane are on has a completely rythmn in the day’s cycling. Hills are a challenge and steep downhills require great caution. Yet it can fly on the flats and lower rolling changes in elevation. Everybody is riding at a pace where one can enjoy the countryside and stop often for photos. This rugged Patagonia ripio with its sharp climbs and steep descents dictates that we ride apart. So during the day we are often on two separate trips. My photos are of Scott and Lee. Chris and Jane’s photos are of themselves. Weather experiences can be different, so can the people we meet and the animals we see. However, each evening we are all together for meals, camping and catching up on the day.

We biked through the park in two days. The first day brought us all the photos you might have seen on FB and in our blogs. It was absolutely a stunning day. The second day was spent mostly in mist and clouds as we cycled to beat the high winds and rain scheduled to hit the park that evening and stay for the next two days. We arrived in Puerto Natales after a 96K day with lots of climbing before the weather hit. Chris and Jane also beat most of it – just getting wind and rain the last 15K or so.

We have four days to relax here before the ferry leaves for Puerto Montt. We hope to enjoy the countless fjords and wild coastline of Chile’s remote southern Patagonia in good weather. The ferry will bring us up to the latitude where we began our trip in Bariloche. From Puerto Montt we will bike generally east to finish where we began.

There are more photos on my Facebook page.

The backside of the iconic Towers

The towers from a distance.

A goucho and his dogs heading for work.
My camp.

8 thoughts on “Torres del Paine

  1. You take us to marvelous worlds, Buck! Hope all that good weather accompanies you to your destination.

  2. Big big congratulations on getting to P. N. I’m loving being on this tour vicariously with you: memories and new perspectives. Looking forward to the ferry ride!

    1. We have been lucky in many ways. We’ve also worked hard. Thanks for the slide show and info! I’ll have 8 days off the bike now until our final push to Bariloche.

  3. Absolutely incredible to follow you on this journey, excited to hear about it!!! Be safe Buck!

    1. Hi Bill, been hearing of unseasonally warm weather at home. Hope you’ve neen able to spend some time on those XC trails. You’d love this cycling. Can’t say enough.

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