The Hinterlands and Adapting on the Fly

Since my last writing session, we have made our way up from the coast at Trogir, then did an about face back down eventually to Sibenak, where we enjoyed fine meals and a lovely city. Our original plans of biking a remote track called the Adriatic Crest were scrapped. We decided to continue on the EuroVelo route instead. Our various equipment was just not suitable for the steep climbs on loose rock. Also, the rough track just wasn’t enjoyable. We came here to have fun and have no masochistic urges in our later stages of life.

The EuroVelo route has been such a joy to ride. It has taken us to just the places we had been looking for on this trip. On safe routes.

The interior of the western part of Croatia is economically challenged. I find myself reminded of many parts of northern Minnesota. So much so that I found myself at the end of the day without taking a single photo. It all just looks so normal to me. Logging, hardscrabble farming on rock piles, and full parking lots in small villages where people were bused to jobs elsewhere. The food culture is meat based here with meager fresh vegetables or salads. Trout but not seafood. We’ve been spoiled by great seafood up to this point. No more BMW’s or Volvo’s. There are homes in many of the villages that seem abandoned. No children playing or barking dogs. Yet people live there. We see smoke in some chimneys and woodpiles in yards. Just don’t see people outside. Strange. There are bullet holes in a lot of the houses. Some have been repaired. Others seemed to be damaged by bombs or artillery fire from the war of the 90’s, or WWII, or even WWI. It’s hard to tell with most building made with stone,or concrete.

Now we’re back on the coast headed for the Istria Peninsula. It’ll be interesting to see the culture there.

Sibenik waterfront
Rough track on the Crest
Biking towards the mountains
Garden plots
Good looking hardwood

Hardwood forests
Island view

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  1. Good report. Glad you went on a new route instead of rocky path. I have loved everything about your trip and I appreciate you so much putting it out. Karen

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