Wineglass Bay

Jan 29

Last night the rain came in sheets – in waves as it rumbled on the metal roofed carport. Great weather for sleeping and I took advantage with eight solid hours. We waited for a lull in the wet stuff to head down to the coffee shop to catch up on our emails. I cleaned my chain and re-lubed. We headed down in a slow drizzle. After getting caught up on the Internet, we heard from a local that last nights rain was a record here and that the roads were washed out in both directions.

After lunch the rain stopped but still looked very threatening. I decided screw it I’m heading to Wineglass Bay. Barry elected to stay home – he doesn’t like to get wet. Off I pedaled the 6K into the Park and to the end of the road. The trail started off sandy then became very rocky as I moved up the saddle between mountains to the viewpoint at the crest of the heavily wooded slope. I stopped to take a couple of photos of this beautiful white sanded beach below but the mist and poor light made for poor shots. Down the other side to the beach I headed. The trail looked more like a creek bed with all the rainwater running down it. I met several other people including a group of six from Chicago. As I approached the beach I could hear the roar of the surf. Walking out of the woods onto the white sand I was greeted by a wide long semicircle beach being pounded by some very impressive waves. It was beautiful – and only four other people playing in the surf about a hundred yards away. They had camped there the previous night. I spent some time savoring the sights, the warm ocean air and the water rushing across my feet. A great Tassie beach and not a drop of rain the whole afternoon. Wineglass Bay got its name in the early whaling days when the blood of the butchered whales filled this wine glassed shape beach.

We’ve heard tonight that the road south is now re-opened so barring another big gulley washer tonight, we can bike again in the morning.

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