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imageJan 31

We woke up to strong winds and rain. The rain was not that heavy but it had Barry pacing between the bedroom window, the view from the dining area, and the back door. Then he would let out a volley of what I would refer to as Australian. He does not like rain. The rain had let up by the time we left and the wind would be at our backs during the first half of our day. We couldn’t take the straight gravel road we had planned on due to washouts so we were on the roundabout highway route. It would add about 25k to our day. It was a long hard day. We had a strong headwind and lashing rain the last 50Ks with a total of 1511 meters of climbing for the day. We biked a total of 104Ks.

The view of the sea as we were coming into Eaglehawk Neck was fabulous. The craggy rocky coastline below was rimmed on one end by a white sand beach and all edged by heavy forest. It almost made us forget our weary bones. The “Neck” is a narrow small isthmus with the sea on either side. We checked in to the only hotel here – we are not in a town – and headed down to the beach on which the rock had formed as what is referred to as tessalated pavement. The beach looked like a road surface which had been paved with large rectangular stones. It was pretty remarkable. I’ll try to get a photo on this site tomorrow.

We are heading to Barry’s sisters at White Beach tomorrow.

Photos – 1840 home – Tasmanian Devil road sign – tessalated pavement at beach

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