Heading to Athens

I leave in two days for my first bike trip since the “great escape” coming back from a great trip in remote Chilean Patagonia in spring of 2020. When the pandemic erupted that spring we were already at the midpoint of our trip. Somehow we managed to stay one step ahead of travel closures, quarantines, and closed borders. That’s hard to do on a bicycle. We ended up on the last ferry from Chile into Argentina, the last flight out of Bariloche, and one of the last flights out of Argentina. At midnight of the evening we flew, the President of Argentina closed all the countries airports. By that time we had landed in São Paulo. However, since we were scheduled to fly into Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Canada had just closed it’s borders, we had to find new flights into Minneapolis. It was a little chaotic. We got home and quarantined ourselves into our respective homes with no idea how long it would all last.

Now I’m off to Athens with good friend Brian Bennett. There we will meet Lindsay Gault who is traveling from his home in New Zealand. We know Lindsay well from previous bike trips. Together we plan to ride across Greece, Albania, and Montenegro on the EuroVelo bike route. When we reach Split in Croatia we’ll leave the EuroVelo for more remote trails along the Adriatic Crest into Slovenia. From there we’ll pick up another set of trails through the mountains and eventually into Ljubljana and our flights home at the end of May.

We will be bikepacking throughout our trip. That means we’ll be carrying our sleeping bags, mats, cooking gear and more on our bikes. Food we’ll pick up along the way. We won’t always camp and cook by any means. The cuisine on this route is just too good to pass up and there will be lots of charming options to stay. But by carrying everything we’ll be ready to camp in all those remote places we are longing to find.

I plan to blog and post photos as often as I can as we move along. I hope you’ll join us by following along.

Bike in a box- ready to go.

51 thoughts on “Heading to Athens

  1. Best of luck, Buckmeister. Sounds like a wonderful trip. May the wind be at your back…or something!!

    1. Thanks Bob! I suppose you and Helen are getting tired of golf, sun, and relaxation. Maybe you could fly to GM and keep my driveway shoveled while I’m gone.

      1. Hey Buck. Have a wonderful trip. I am in Cuba till 12th then heading for Colvil yo start clean up. Hope to see you when you get back. You and Bob and I are way overdue to a visit and a bottle of wine

      1. Sounds like an awesome adventure. I will be following along. So many years ago Ray and I enjoyed Athens and the Greek country side.
        However we were in buses and hotels. Your adventures are so much better really getting to know the land and people. Safe travels.

      2. I have a friend who wants to subscribe to your blog but we can’t figure out how. Help! There don’t seem be any embedded links in that initial report. Thanks!

  2. Safe travels. I’ll be following you enjoying the trip with you as you go. Looking forward to lots of photos and stories.

    1. Thanks Jini. Good luck healing that broken ankle. You’ll have to be satisfied biking virtually thru us until you can get back into the saddle. Hi to Bob!

  3. So exciting and since I live vicariously so glad you’re recording it! Sounds terrific…Greece is on my bucket list. I’ll be following the whole trip!😘👍

  4. Wow, sounds like a great trip into interesting territory. Looking forward to your posts.


  5. awesome adventure for you and brian. look forward to (mostly true) stories!!! be safe b and b!!

  6. Oh…. this post warms my heart! I’m so happy for you Buck. What a great itinerary you have lined up. Enjoy every moment. Can’t wait to exchange stories when we all get back. Hugs!

  7. Thanks, Pascale! Great to follow your expedition! What stories you’re living in Greenland and Canada. We’ll have much to share in June.

  8. Sounds like great adventures ahead, Buck! You sure know how to pick ’em. We’ll anticipate your posts while it snows ; >]

    1. Hi Cameron! And Chris! Hope you’re not getting buried in snow. I came to Duluth last night to avoid driving in it today. Thanks for following along. I’d love to see you two when I get home to catch up.

  9. So glad I am still” 0n your list”. Will be reading your posts. I have always wanted to go to Greece. My Jacobson grandmother always said “Go all you can while you can” and you are doing it!! Havr fun!

      1. Have a great trip! Will look forward to your posts. The adventure begins!

  10. Hey Buck. That is a great trip you have planned. Jeanette & I did it in 2019 on our way from Sweden to Thessaloniki in eastern Greece. And I did a trip from Milan to Athens with a friend in 2017 down the Adriatic Coast. You will have a great time & some adventures. Cheers Dermot

  11. I ‘ll be with you Bucko, every mile of the way, same as I have been ever since you were a kid.

    1. Hi Tom, good to hear from you. Hope life is good in your new locale. I’m just recovering from the long flight, flight delays, time change and cacophony of the city. Have a couple of days to get straight and then we’re off on the bikes.

  12. Happy trails, Buck, Brian, and friends! I’ll be traveling and living vicariously through you.

  13. Hey, Buck! Can’t wait to read about more of your adventures. Very creative way to avoid spring in northern MN. 😅

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