Athens and Sleep

Flying has been a headache since 911 and even more so now after airlines trimmed down during the pandemic. Lindsay struggled with delayed and cancelled flights plus a damaged bicycle that arrived a day after he did. These delays stretched his trip to 40 hours before arriving in Athens. I had an adventurous connection in Newark, thanks to a delayed flight from Minneapolis. I had just 20 minutes to spare when I got to the gate. We then sat in the plane on the runway for three hours before it could take off. Crazy plane traffic and bad weather in Newark. This is the new norm in air travel. I still feel lucky to go tho!

The Parthenon sits on Acropolis towering over central Athens where we are staying. You can find other small ruins all over this part of the city. They are perhaps the only structures here that have escaped graffiti artists. The graffiti on every building, wall and signpost was a little unnerving. The narrow streets jutting out from each other at all angles charmingly follow no rules. On the weekends like this there is traffic of all types trying to navigate through all the pedestrians on these narrow paths. It can be quite an adventure trying to find home after a few turns on these angled streets.

We have one more day in Athens then are off on the bikes. Last night I slept really hard for four hours. Wide awake at 2am. Brian much the same. Then it was barking dogs, partying people on the streets and in the bars, and motorcycles roaring down the narrow streets below. Dropped off again sometime in the wee hours with hard blessed sleep till 9. I needed that. A few time zones crossed and long hours of travel take their toll.

Narrow streets
Evening view of the Pantheon


19 thoughts on “Athens and Sleep

  1. Time to breathe fresh air again, and use those legs! I’m waving a hankie from a balcony ; >]

  2. I would hope once you get out of Athens you will find more comfort in the biking world. I also hope that traffic will not be a huge issue. Look forward to your next blog. Tony

  3. Glad to know that you made it safely! Skied on Rose Lake today – thinking of you and your adventure, J.O.G.

    1. I love that spring lake skiing! Hate to miss it! I do look forward to getting on the bike tomorrow. Exercise will really speed the sleep adjustment.

  4. PHEW! glad you made it there ok! Adventures come in all shapes and sizes…we send good mojo daily!
    We’re ferrying to Orcas in an hour!

  5. I remember that hike during such hot weather they said they almost closed it to visitors. What a trip you’re on!

    1. It’s been really pleasant weather. We’re early spring here now. Our first bike day it was in low 60’s but great sunshine. Thanks for following along!

  6. Travel on Plane sounds like a nightmare. Glad you are there and enjoying it so much.Last time I traveled on plane I went to New Orleans to be with my children for my 70th birthday. First time traveling alone. Had always been with my husband but he died. It was a nightmare coming back. Missing gates etc. Have never flown again. But that is okay because my husband and I traveled 12 years and saw it all and did it all. Now I can travel with my friends on line like you and I enjoy their trips so much. You go beautiful places and I love trips with you on line. Cousin Karen

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, planes aren’t much fun anymore so you’re not missing much there. I do still very much enjoy my travels when I get there and I’m glad you can follow along!

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