On to Kiato

It was a cool and crisp morning when we left our hotel in old central Athens. Lindsay had made arrangements for a bicycle shop to give us a van ride out of the busy part of Athens. Those narrow heavily traveled streets would have taken us many hours to navigate our way out of the city. Lindsay had counted 168 turns we would have had to navigate to get through the cobblestone maze. The driver had a keen interest in our bicycles and gear, and also stories of previous trips. Having only bikepacked a couple of times himself, he was especially interested in how we packed our bikes. No shortage of willing participants for that topic in this van.

Although we had spent quite a bit of time on our route, you don’t really know how it will be until you ride it. We were so pleased to find ourselves on small streets, rural roads, double track pathways and peoples’ backyards on our way along the Adriatic coastline. Beautiful sea with undulating coastline, orchards and orchards of olive trees, constant hills to navigate, and mountains behind them with enough height to still be snow-covered. Lots of blue. We had a breeze in our face but not so sharp that it was tiring. Temperature around 60F. In short it was truly a delightful day and so good to be on the bikes.

We stopped in the small community of Kiato. It’s off season here now but easy to imagine how bustling and crowded it might be in another month. We had been riding on a quiet small 2 lane road along the sea when we decided to call it a day. 80 kilometers was enough for our first ride. Most of the accommodations are closed for another couple of weeks, but we were directed to an apartment which was great for us. We drew lots out of my hat. I won the bed, Brian got the couch, and Lindsay had to put his mat and sleeping bag on the floor in the kitchen. Some great pasta and seafood a couple blocks down the road finished off a great day.

Drop off point – Lindsay’s trailer
Corinthian coastline
Seascape in front of our overnight stay


A little breather

10 thoughts on “On to Kiato

  1. I swear, I can just feel the excitement of getting on the road—all the sights and smells. Travel Mercies to you all.

  2. Thanks for keeping me on the list, Buck, as I love your travel adventures! We spent a short time in Greece a decade ago on our way to Turkey, and I remember the incredibly helpful, friendly people and the WOW food. You will have such a great time! Annie

  3. How good is the Greek food😊. You crossed the ancient Corinth canal. The fabulous bridge to the mainland is coming up for you. There is a bike/pedestrian access to cross it. I did not get to find a lift for my bike at the ends. The end you are approaching has a few levels of steel stairs to get up. That is on the Patras side of the bridge. And there is a month of exploring in the Peloponnese to your south. Oh I love Greece

    1. We are about 130k’s or so from the bridge. Food has been exceptional everywhere here. The EuroVelo route has been great at keeping us out of traffic and on small roads and tracks.

  4. Sounds like a great first day and you 3 are so organized and sounds like you are great riding partners. Thanks for sending. I love being on trip with you.

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